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Chatbots & Emerging Conversational Experiences

We'll help you reach billions of consumers every day using chat and messaging.

Take your branded experiences much further using hyper-realistic conversational avatars called digital humans.

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Chatbots are software applications that use artificial intelligence & natural language processing to understand what a user wants, and provides them with the content and services through natural dialog. A well designed & built chatbot will:

  • Use existing conversation data (if available) to understand the type of questions people ask.
  • Analyse correct answers to those questions through a ‘training’ period.
  • Use machine learning & NLP to learn context, and continually get better at answering those questions in the future.

The adoption of chatbots accelerated in 2016 when Facebook launched its developer platform and Messenger app. Since then there have been a tremendous number of chatbot apps built on websites, in applications, and on social media for use cases like customer support, e-commerce, and many other examples.

Conversational AI is going far beyond Voice and Text. As only 7% of communications is made up of the actual words we use (with the rest coming from tone-of-voice, facial expressions, etc.), brands are now exploring Digital Humans.

These are super realistic conversational avatars that serve as brand ambassadors, digital influencers, customer support representatives, healthcare advisors, coaches, friends, and many other things. They work by connecting brands and consumers using empathy and emotional connection.

Developing a Chatbot or Digital Influencer

Chatbot Strategy

Without a well thought out strategy, your brand will miss the opportunity to connect with billions of customers thought chat and messaging.

Digital Humans

Digital Humans are super realistic avatars that connect your brand to consumers using emotion, empathy, and visual cues. They can be built into web, mobile apps, retail, at-home and other experiences.

Developing a Chatbot

We build and host both scripted and AI chatbot applications using modern technologies. We also host applications for our clients within AWS and Google Cloud.

Chatbot Marketing, Analytics, and CRM

Have the strongest launch possible with our best practices for marketing your chat service. Once live, you'll have access to real-time analytics and attribution tracking. Want to capture user data like phone number or email address via webchat or WhatsApp? We can connect to large CRM systems like Adobe Cloud. We also run regular strategic reviews, manage user panels, monitor the competition and stay on top of new technical updates to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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