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Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Use Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant to engage customers in your digital marketing campaigns and for branded voice experiences.

Think beyond the pack with Owned Voice Assistants and by adding Voice to your Mobile Apps and other brand touchpoints.

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Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are the next wave of computing. They work 10x faster than typing, with users speaking commands to access music, news, games, and so much more. Voice Assistants run “in the cloud” and can be accessed from 1000’s of devices including Smartphones, TV, Cars, Smart Speakers, and other devices.

Consumers love voice assistants because they are a fast, fun, convenient way to access content and the internet. Since being widely available around 5 years ago, this technology has seen massive adoption comparable to mobile and tablet computers. As of Feb 2021:

  • Around 60% of UK households own a smart speaker.
  • Around 70% of UK consumers aged 18-55 have used a Voice Assistant (like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) in the past month.
  • The most popular reason to use voice are for listening to content, games, search and for health and well-being.

Brands around the world have seen the opportunity and are rushing to launch voice experiences on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Building a Voice App

Voice Strategy

Without a voice strategy, your brand will miss out on a billion person opportunity at 1-2-1 conversational engagement. We'll review user, segment and market needs - and provide you with a fully-costed roadmap to help you secure investment for your voice projects.

Voice UX/UI

Building Voice experiences that are fast, fun, and easy to use can be challenging. We've built over 40+ Alexa Skills and are experts in presenting games, information, recipes, exercise, and other content in ways that consumers love.

Audio Design

Audio design refers to sound effects, audio icons, using professionally recorded and synthetic voices, plus many other techniques to bring the service to life. Great user experiences require expert execution here.

Contact Voxly Digital about Conversational AI experiences.

Voice App Development

We build and host voice applications using modern technologies like node.js, Jovo, DialogFlow, and more. We also host applications for our clients that can handle millions of users on AWS and Google Cloud Service.

Voice Marketing, Analytics, and CRM

Have the strongest launch possible with our best practices for marketing your voice service. Once live, you'll have access to real-time analytics and attribution tracking. Want to capture user data like phone number or email address via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? We can connect to large CRM systems like Adobe Cloud. We also run regular strategic reviews, manage user panels, monitor the competition and stay on top of new technical updates to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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