BBC Match of the Day Magazine goes Voice-First

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

"Bringing an Iconic UK sports brand to Voice”

Games and entertainment are a massive part of the Voice ecosystem. Combined with 2020 not being the most ideal year for traditional sports events promoted through large marketing and advertising campaigns, why not look at bringing “Experiential into the Home” through new digital channels like Voice Assistants and Amazon Alexa.

In this webinar recorded for the Voice Global Conference in June 2020, Ravi Lal, CEO of Voxly Digital, talks about creating a voice-first experience for a very iconic UK Sports brand. Ready to play?

YouTube Link:

Key Learnings:

• Preserve your Brand Magic as you move to voice.

Build for your audience.

Keep it simple. Don't try and stuff everything your website does into your Voice apps.

There is no such thing as free traffic - evergreen marketing is something to talk about at the kick-off meeting.

About Voxly Digital

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