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Conversational UX Designer

Location: Paddington, London
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Location: Paddington, London + Remote. To apply please send us your CV and design portfolio to freshthinking@voxlydigital.com

(put on dramatic music while you read this …)

The world is changing fast. Over the last 12-24 months ChatGPT, the Metaverse, Web3 (and even Blockchain) continue to make headlines and generate actual consumer interest. What’s our role in all this?

 Well … we believe Conversational AI is the most human tech ever invented, and that it will play a pivotal role in how relationships between people and the online world evolve. Our mission is to combine Conversational AI with the latest in Digital& Synthetic Media to bring never before seen ConversationalExperiences to life.

Our main focus for the next year is to innovate in two major areas:

·      We are building aDigital Humans interface for webchat. Digital Humans are computer-generated characters that mimic something close a realistic human being - they are powered by AI and strive to look, sound, and interact like people do. 

·      We are working to go way beyond simple Chat interaction-models; and want to build long-form (like up to 20 minute)conversations that leverage personalization, persistence, and other real world conversational concepts. Our inspiration comes from places like the AlexaSocial Bot Challenge (way to go Team Jan!).

Someone has to make the robots talk!

We are a high-end tech agency that build experiences and apps for our clients across advanced conversational interfaces like Digital Avatars, Immersive Metaverse Characters, Voice Assistant’s (Alexa, Google), and good ol Chatbots.

We started out as a Voice Agency and continue to do lots of work on Alexa and Google Assistant. For example, we run the world’s largest Voice Marketing platform for our retained client Send Me a Sample (check them out people …),plus have done projects for Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), Acamar Bing, TheNational Hockey League via Rogers Communications, Spider Man Into theSpider-Verse, the NHS, O2, Penguin Random House, Unilever, Coty, Diageo, Yoplait, Vitality Insurance and loads more mega brands. 

A few cool things to know: 

·      You’ll be in charge of how we do user research and Conversational UX design - how cool is that! 

·      You’ll get to work with large brands on Conversational AI and Synthetic Media projects (yes … that means the world of Digital Avatars). 

·      You’ll be working on projects that are really new and innovative. You won’t be writing copy for an insurance bot for years on end (nothing wrong with that of course!).


You’ll use fresh thinking, insight, and resourcefulness to craft machine - human conversations.

You’ll be creating conversational flows, dialog copy, and other product deliverables within the technical possibilities and constraints of Conversational AI platforms.

Previous experience might include conversational copy writing, customer support, general copy writing, and even experience building and testing chatbots and voice bots. You’ll be working closely with clients, our NLP engineers, and others.

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Marketing & Sales Intern

Location: Paddington, London
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We need an amazing sales and marketing intern to help grow the business. Come talk to us!

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Have a project in mind? Schedule a 30 minute discovery call and I will at the very least give you some great advice.

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