The National Hope Service crowdsources Whatsapp voice-notes of thanks for our NHS

Rozzi Meredith
May 25, 2022
May 18, 2020

Press Release

The National Hope Service is on a mission to crowdsource messages of thanks and support from the general public to send to our amazing NHS workers on the front-line, all via the power of WhatsApp.

18th May 2020, London: With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, most of us are starting to look forward again and wondering what ‘the new normal’ will look like. For those working in the NHS however, ‘normal’ (even a new one) still feels a long way off. #ClapforOurCarers has united the nation in support behind the NHS. Now we want that love placed right into their pockets.

London-based start-up Voxly Digital today announces the launch of The National Hope Service - a not-for-profit Whatsapp chatbot service which lets members of the public send voice-notes of thanks and support. NHS workers can message the same chatbot and receive these voice notes, whenever they need a boost.

Ravi Lal, CEO & Founder of Voxly Digital said ‘Many of our team’s family members are front-line workers. We wanted to do something to help and spent some time understanding how we, as Voxly Digital, could support in a meaningful way. Conversational platforms such as voice and chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and we know that doctors and nurses in the NHS often use Whatsapp to communicate whilst at work, so it felt like a no-brainer to try and leverage the technology to do some real good.’

The team are now on a mission to gather as many voice notes as possible to share with the NHS heroes who need them. The aim is to build up a bank of thousands - or even millions of messages - to be there to support our amazing NHS workers far beyond this crisis.

Rozzi Meredith, Voxly Digital’s Head of Innovation added  “Leaving voice-notes is a really personal and intimate way of showing you care. It asks more of you than a like, or a retweet does. But that’s what makes it more meaningful. So far, we’ve had people singing full songs, reading poems, leaving heart-felt words of love and even contributing group messages from whole families. It doesn’t matter what you send, it just matters that you’ve sent it.

How does The National Hope Service work?

The National Hope Service is a WhatsApp chatbot service:.

Step 1: Message 'hi' to +447955586595 via WhatsApp or directly message here /

Step 2: If you're a member of the public, message the bot to contribute a voice note of support and thanks for our NHS workers.You can listen back to the note before you share, so no stage fright necessary! Voxly Digital screens these messages to make sure that only the positive ones get through.

Step 3: If you work for the NHS once you've verified your NHS email, you can send an emoji to the chat to be sent one of the messages which the public has recorded. There’s no limit to the number you can ask for.

---- ENDS----

For more information, visit or contact

Find more information at ​​ ​or follow on social channels: @nationalhopeservice​ on Instagram, ​@thenationalhopeservice​ on Facebook and @NHopeService​ on Twitter, using​ ​#nationalhopeservice.

Who is Voxly Digital?

We connect Brands & Consumers through Conversational AI & Synthetic media.

Stuff changes fast! Over the last 12-24 months NFTs, the Metaverse, Discord, (and crazy Blockchain) continue to make headlines and generate actual consumer interest. What’s our role in all this?

Well … we believe Conversational AI is the most human tech ever invented, and that it will play a pivotal role in relationships between people and the digital world. Our mission is to combine Conversational AI with the latest Digital & Synthetic Media to bring never before seen Conversational Experiences to life.

We are a high-end tech agency that build experiences and apps across advanced conversational interfaces like Digital Avatars, Immersive Metaverse Characters, Voice Assistant’s (Alexa, Google), and good ol Chatbots.

We started out primarily as a Voice Agency, and continue to do lots of work on Alexa and Google Assistant. For example, we run the world’s largest Voice Marketing platform for our retained client Send Me a Sample (check them out people …), plus we have done projects for Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), Acamar Bing, The National Hockey League via Rogers Communications, Spider Man Into the Spider-Verse, the NHS, O2, Penguin Random House, Unilever, Coty, Diageo, Yoplait, Vitality Insurance and loads of other mega brands.

Visit us at or
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