Using Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for Digital Marketing & Advertising

As consumers become increasingly sophisticated, retailers must look to migrate from paper-based couponing to more sustainable digital coupons and promotions.

Watch Eagle Eye's Brands Manager, Catherine Titherington and Voxly Digital’s Head of Strategy, Rozzi Meredith in our on-demand webinar on how brands can use Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa to drive engagement and conversion for promotion and shopper marketing campaigns.​

You'll learn:​

  • Why digital voice activations are an essential part of a brands marketing strategy
  • Discover how voice activated channels can be integrated into media channel options
  • How voice activation works as part of a performance marketing campaign
  • How to test, learn and drive innovation for your campaignsPost Campaign Analysis - Find out who, why and when consumers responded to the different channels.

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